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August 07, 2004


Hudson R

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I found a really funny blog on freedomhaters.org that really nailed the fois gras argument and pointed out how stupid and cruel it is. The blog is called something like Fois Gras for the Holidays.
You got to check it out:


Wayne Berger

Pamela, what about the animals' right to live without torture ? Foie Gras is not about freedom of choice - that is just an excuse made by people who like Foie Gras and choose to ignore the pain and suffering that goes with it. Try sticking a long pipe down your throat 3 times a day and see how it feels.

Pamela Ellwood

This anti-foie gras movement is absolutely ridiculous to me.

I totally understand and respect the fact that some people made the choice not to eat foie gras. But what i can't stand is that they are doing everything for us who like foie gras not to have the choice anymore. Isn't America supposed to be the country of freedom ?
I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DECIDE MYSELF if I want to eat this delicious delicacy or not!!! as well as I want to be able to decide what book I want to read or what channel I want to watch....
FYI, many studies proved that ducks don't suffer when they are force-fed. They even do that naturally before migration.

So what is next ? In two years, we won't be allowed to eat chicken because they suffer when they are killed to be eaten ????

Be careful, we are loosing our most important right : the freedom of choice

Bryan Pease

I have been inside both Sonoma Foie Gras and Hudson Valley foie gras and have seen firsthand the torture of these ducks. My friends and I took photos and video and posted them at StopForceFeeding.com. We also rescued several ducks who were on the verge of death from force feeding.

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