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February 11, 2005


Gourmet Chocolate

Yes I agree with the info about chefs. Super Chef blog is a good site too.


WEDU's Summer Rally for Recipes

Join our Rally for Recipes by sharing your homemade comfort food with WEDU!

Send in your favorite comfort food recipe – or family’s favorite dish – to WEDU. Whether it’s Mom’s meatloaf, or your Aunt Betty’s banana bread, a homemade soup or another favorite comfort food (Who doesn’t have their own macaroni and cheese concoction?!), WEDU is seeking your best recipes!

Your recipe could become famous when it’s featured in a future fundraising venture!

Deadline for entries is July 15, 2006! Don’t’ wait--only 200 recipes will be accepted!

Prizes will be awarded in each category with the overall prize winner receiving a 3 day /2 night stay for two at the Inn at the Alameda – Santa Fe, New Mexico and a 2 ½ hour Cooking Class at their famed resort!

Mail your recipes to – WEDU Rally for Recipes
Special Events Office
1300 North Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33607

or email to events@wedu.org

For complete rules for the WEDU Rally for Recipes please visit www.wedu.org

Rules & Conditions

All recipes must be original, and use standard measuring systems.

A maximum of three recipes per person will be accepted.

All recipes must be typed out, or printed legibly on an 8x11 white piece of paper.

Each recipe should be marked with one of the following categories: Appetizer; salad; main dish; side dish or dessert.

Each entry must include recipe name; number of servings that the recipe yields; use ingredients available in most grocery stores; list ingredients in order of use and include step-by-step preparation and cooking instructions.

Your full name, city, state and contact phone number with area code must be included on each recipe. Email address, and your age are optional.

Make sure to include (in 50 words or less) a anecdote about the origins of your recipe – be it your own story – or a family tradition!

By submitting your recipe, you are authorizing WEDU (Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Inc.) to possibly use your recipe for a fundraising effort specifically supporting the television station.

For more information visit www.wedu.org or call 800.354.9338, ext. 2239.

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