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October 20, 2005



The other thought that just came to mind -- regarding the giant veggies -- is the old classic movie "Mysterious Island," were Captain Nemo was hiding out and breeding giant chickens, crabs, and honey bees to end world hunger. Can we interest a small country in the 1,300 pound pumpkin?


Oh, man -- I want stone crabs now.

Hope you make it through the storm. Category 1 can be interesting watching (for a while -- after about 8 hours it loses its entertainment value), but Wilma looks to be quite a bit bigger than that. So stay safe.

And as for that giant pumpkin, I can't imagine it would still be edible. Or at least not very tender or tasty. I wonder if Nick Park was thinking of such contests when he chose this month for the release of the Wallace and Grommit movie, where giant vegetables play a prominent role.

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