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August 29, 2006



The secret to longevity is doing laundry, tunring the compst, and emptying trash!


Several years ago, Geo magazine did an article on people over 100, and they found that there seemed to be no consistency in their "secrets" for longevity -- some smoked, some didn't, some drank, some didn't. Then, a few years later, Prevention did an article on people over 100, reporting that it was not the specific activity that correlated to longevity but rather that you had something in your life that you did consistently, whether it was walking to the creek every morning, going to church every Sunday, eating an apple before bed every night, or whatever. Too much consistency led to a decline in cognitive ability -- you want some stimulus -- but a life with no routine at all tended to correlate with shorter life.

So enjoy those little routines -- they may keep you alive longer.


Donkey milk? This I must explore further, thanks!


I also heard she drank a lot of donkey milk when she was a little girl.

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