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March 03, 2007


Joseph Carr

I wonder when I will be able to see those memorabilia… This has been one of our family’s favorite fast food restaurants. It’s wonderful that they didn’t even think of closing… That would be a complete “oh-no” for many. It’s no wonder that some of our entrepreneurs think that franchising this restaurant is one of a kind opportunity because of how well-established it is.

Somestupidname Fajitaroll

Says you I'm glad the old geezer kicked the bucket so now we have more fast pace commercial


Geezer Dude--yes, indeedy--we always liked Dave in his laid back commercials.

Gordon (aka Geezer Dude)

I ran across the comments about Wendy's and Dave Thomas. Whether they like the food or not, many people admire Dave Thomas for being a self-made success story.

One of the reasons he donated so much to adoption-related organizations was because he was adopted when he was a child.

After he had already made a name for himself and achieved a high level of success, he went back and got his high school diploma a few years before his death.

Thanks for letting me add a few quick comments.


Actually, in my pre-vegetarian days, Wendy's had the healthiest and most veg-friendly menu. Many of their restaurants had huge "salad" bars, with different pastas and sauces, tacos and fillings, etc. While making the long drive between Ohio and La., we'd always aim for Wendy's when forced to stop.


Jim Ellison of CMH Gourmand sent along this link to his blog and further info re the Wendy's closure. Thanks, Jim!


No, I cannot believe it..what did you order? I once, and only once, took the Foodie offspring to a McD's with a humungous playground and sat and watched him while making my iced tea last....


I have been there, believe it or not. COSI used to be a regular venture for the Flake children.

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