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June 07, 2007



I think the cows unite site is a not very well hidden attempt to encourage organic dairy and better conditions for cows. I'm all for better conditions, so I'm uniting with the cows.

Will advise you on any food news I discover in Wales, i.e. Cymru!

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Sushi making webdemo....so that's how they do the carrots....I went through a sushi making faze...a few years ago. This makes me want to get my gear out again.

Thanks for posting food news from all over, always enjoyable.


By the way, I did slog through the Cows Unite website...amusing, but hard to discern what they want us to do...something about creating a network of friends to spread the message, I love maps, but couldn't navigate this.


Loved Mr Breakfasts report on Breakfasts Around the Planet, especially the section on Asian ones. I was overwhelmed at a five star Kuala Lumpur hotel breakfast buffet when faced with not only the biggest American/European offerings but separate self-select installations devoted to Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean and many other breakfast traditions. Many of these featured noodles, dried fish, rice and various gelatinous concoctions that clearly proved to me how utterly unadventuresome I was when it came to the first meal of the day.

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