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July 16, 2007



Flying odours--not sure I could discern mint from spearmint from wintergreen....


When I participated in that HD Predict study a few months ago, one of the many tests was a smell detection test. (HD is also a neurodegenerative disease.) Since the study had been authored in the States, many of the smells were strange to folks in the UK, including spearmint (or was it wintergreen?), skunk, root beer, etc. The test giver commented that many Brits were having trouble with it, but I passed with flying colours. Ah, colors.

Kelly Mahoney

That's really interesting. I guess I have to keep my nose in shape too!


Just noticed you added a food news ticker to this site, down on the left margin....a lot of China food safety items currently. I look forward to checking this feature regularly.


Boy -- I can't tell you how many friends I have who have complained lately of not being able to smell anything. I hope they find lots of other reasons for losing ones olfactory acuity.


Interesting study. Thanks for the info.

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