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August 31, 2007



Yes--the rice is called tadik and is a lengthy process that ends with a delish crusty bottom--not totally burned!---


PS to my previous blog.
I remember you made an Iranian dish many moons ago. Rice with apricots. The bottom had to be slightly bured. Or so you said.

It was delicious.


Yeah Foodie, alles Gute zum Hochzeitstag and all that.

Deine Freundin,
Dumme Gans


Kathy F--he was very sweet, glad to hear of my affection for his country, and adamant that the whole problem of the region was due to the US government's relations with the Saudis...


I've been there--to Pars. What did the owner have to say? Was he glad to hear you had positive memories of Iran?

Happy anniversary!


Many thanks---a long marriage begun in Iran must obviously be a triumph of sorts!


I don't know if it's because we have a larger Persian community, but there has been no abandoning of "Persian Cuisine" signs in Chicago -- and in fact, Persian food continues to attract interest here.

And happy anniversary!

Kelly Mahoney

Congratulations on your anniversary. My uncle did two tours with the PeaceCorps and has amazing stories about his time in Colombia.

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