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November 26, 2007



Well-- that's an endorsement if ever I read one, Genevieve! But I agree--their coffee is superb and who knew that the best, or surely among the best, would be found in Milwaukee.
Several folks have told me they think Starbucks' beans are inferior...


I can't read about Starbucks w/o saying that I'm a coffee addict from way back. Every morning I make my own 4-shot latte but not from Starbucks coffee which I find to be kinda bitter. My favorite coffee comes from an establishment in Milwaukee which I found on a visit a few years ago. My favorite roast is called Yemen Mocha Sanari, a dark, bold, rich blend with a hint of cocoa. The place is an actual coffee house which roasts their coffee right there w/ authentic roasters. One can smell the exotic scents of roasting coffee out on the street as you pass by - if you can pass by. When you enter, the coffee house is a dark woody kind of atmosphere w/ tables and very friendly people working behind the counter. You can order a pound of coffee by phone and a very pleasant person will send it to you. The number is: ALTERRA Coffee Roasters, 414-273-3747. Ahhhhhhh....Enjoy.....

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