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February 08, 2011



Not sure I want to eat from a "system." I prefer a garden or farm.


Remarkable achievements in nanotechnology show great potential for positively influencing human health. By enhancing solubility, improving bioavailability, and facilitating the controlled release and protecting the stability of micronutrients in food products, nanotechnology could be a successful method to design smart food systems.

Nanoparticles are excellent for rapidly delivering high concentrations of healthy, active ingredients directly to cell membranes.

That's how. Nanotechnology is scary stuff.

Read more: After micro and macro nutrients ‘Nanonutrients' Promise health benefits http://www.medindia.net/news/view_news_main.asp?x=8898#ixzz1DOcK1N00

So/Summit Springs Farm

I just can't get behind soil-less growing. The whole idea of organic agriculture was born out of nurturing the soil. Supporting it to be as full of life as possible. Yes, you can throw nutrients at plant roots and get a cabbage or a toma...to to eat but it will lack flavor and I'm pretty sure, nutrients as well because you will only give the plant what it needs to produce this tomato. There will be no micro-nutrients. So even if it is "organic" hydroponic or whatever they would use in vertical growing, if there is no soil, it's essential conventional growing without the non-approved pesticides, etc..

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