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August 28, 2004


Eating The Road

Frito Pie!!!


frito pie rules


hey Frito Pie lovers i have a project in school on santa fe's favorite foods and i was wondering i any of u have a great reasipy for frito pie if u do just add anouther comment . :) <3


frito pie goooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gary c.

i would like to sell frito pies .do you know if their is a pantent o0n..the name or reciept? //


I remember ordering Frito Pie at school in Farmington, New Mexico. It was made a bit different there though. Just the Frito's, chili, and cheese. no onion..


How fabulous to have that piece of family history -- the newspaper clipping to show the dates and names. Do you have your great-grandmother's recipe still? Does it match fairly closely that which is described in the original post?

Chris Caraway

I have proof that Frito Pie originated in Texas back during the depression. My great-grandmother won a frito lay contest, where you had to come up with a recipe using frito lay chips. My family has the newspaper clipping that pre-dates all other claims on the frito pie recipe.


It's not a Frito Pie unless it's from the Five and Dime in Santa Fe. I have dreams about that taste!!! No matter where it came from, Teresa Hernanadez's is the only Frito Pie

Dave Hughes

...What David Earhart said!
That was always the favorite halftime treat at games!

Dave Hughes
Richmond, Texas

David Earhart

The frito pie in the bag was a popular food item at football and basketball games at high schools here in Texas back in the 60's.

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