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August 25, 2004


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It's easy for them to say. But implementing it, would take a lot of effort.

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Pizza is also a popular menu item, and Boule said every offering has a nutrition information label to go with it.

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Could u bring me some information about Italian Gastronomy?
Hi, I'm looking for books or librarys, in Spain (Barcelona) and also in Great Britain (Birmingham), about the evolution of the Italian Gastronomy and the technics which they use to make their diferents dishes.I need these information for my final project in the High School. If you know somewhere where I can find these information, please reply me.

Alan Fauconnier

To whom it may concern,

Nivelles Laboratoires (NIL) is a non profit organisation involved in public awareness of life sciences. One of the goals of NIL is to give the public an opportunity to know better the biotechnologies. As you maybe know, the european public is rather suspicious regarding GMO food. Next time we will organise an event and we would like to propose GMO food to the attending people. No such food is currently available in Europe. Our idea is thus to import some US products. Could you recommend me some GMO-derived product easily available on the US market that we could import in order to prepare and offer this "new technological" meal.

Thank you for your help.

Alan Fauconnier
Nivelles Laboratoires ASBL
Pré au Lait, 22
B-1400 Nivelles
Tel: +32 2 227 56 29

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