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November 05, 2004


Home Remodeling Ideas

thanks for informing,,,i will be a viewer of that....thats for sure..

Joe Hardtke - Wisconsin Public Radio

Hello Food Museum!

I have some news you might enjoy! Every week, Wisconsin Public Radio's "Here on Earth" selects one of our shows to be posted on our website as a free podcast. This week, we decided to post our recent interview with the Kitchen Sisters on their "Hidden Kitchens" series.

For the next month, this program will be available for download, free of charge. Anyone can drop by the "Here on Earth" website (http://www.wpr.org/hereonearth/podcast.cfm) to stream the show. If they have an MP3 player (like an I-Pod) they can either download the show to their player, or they can subscribe to our podcast and receive all future programs we post, starting with the "Hidden Kitchens" interview.

You'll find complete instructions at our podcast website (http://www.wpr.org/hereonearth/podcast.cfm). You are welcome to burn the show to CD, post it here or anywhere on the web and share it with friends. Spread it far and wide.

If you know of any websites that might enjoy this podcast, please let me know and I'll drop them an e-mail with the link. Or you can simply forward this e-mail to them.

Thanks again, Food Museum! Happy listening!

Joe Hardtke
Technical Director
Here on Earth with Jean Feraca
Wisconsin Public Radio
office - 608-263-1241
cell - 608-213-5205

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