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May 11, 2005


Jehobeth Nazarene McGillicuddy the Alienator

Huh, I think it looks like an alien slinking away in the desert with his profile outlined by the dark of an oddly located oak tree.


That's obviously an image of jesus' illegitimate brother Ramone. I'd say $18 was about right as long as it's still fresh.

I saw jesus in my cheesesteak sandwich the other day but I figured I'd try and take a couple bites to see if the image would morph into yoda for more cash.


Und vat does Dr. Rorschach have to say about this???



The world has always had crazy people, but easy and instant communication makes it a lot more obvious -- and e-bay makes it possible for them to connect. If the picture above is an actual photo of the cheesecake in question, I think it looks more like a space-alien version of the Mona Lisa. Of course, it does make one wonder if any of the people who are finding Jesus in their food have ever looked for him someplace conventional, like a church.

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