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May 06, 2005



Okay, now if only I lived where they played baseball, and not cricket. I saw a match the other day (not the whole thing, of course). They did look cute in their sweaters.

Oh, but you were talking about food. What do they serve at cricket matches, anyway? Indian food? Pakastani? Fried crickets?


No probs, KF--baseball stadia today know about folks like you and will keep you engaged and entertained between each pitch. This trend of course irritates true fans who come to the park for "the game."


Wow! Now, if only I liked baseball.


Love it! Pierogie Races--this I must track down. Thanks!


Very interesting about the vegetarian options in SBC park. Here in Boston, otherwise a pretty vegetarian-friendly town, I've always thought that Fenway Park's vegetarian options were pretty scant (maybe some soggy, cold french fries or a cheese pizza).

While I grew up in Three Rivers Stadium-era Pittsburgh, and have not been to the new PNC Park myself, I have heard tales of a recent tradition of the "Pierogie Races". Film clips of giant pierogies racing through the city are shown on the big scoreboard, culminating in actual giant pierogies running into the park to cross some sort of finish line. I'm not sure if pierogies are actually for sale at the park, but I have always envisioned some sort of eucharistic ritual in which the winning pierogie is sacrificed and eaten by the crowd.


The celery salt part really interests me---any idea why? Although I would guess it relates back to Old World German/Polish culinary traditions--and then tamales? Zounds. Thanks for the info.


Yes, Chicago red hots! Must have mustard, onion, celery salt, cucumbers, tomatoes and sport peppers or some other kind of pepper. Preferably in a steamed poppyseed bun.

Growing up in Chicago there was a hot dog stand or cart nearby regardless of where you were in the city. Strangely, a majority of them served tamales tied in "bunches" as a side dish -- this at a time when Mexican food was mostly unknown to the Anglos there.

Many stands also sold the other Chicago staple: Italian beefs. Preferably on Gonella buns!

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