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May 17, 2005



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Thanks, Todd---the Jell-o collection is spectacular. Jell-o molds were once the rage in these United States. I recall a hostess who served tomato aspic pushed from molds at every "important" dinner she threw.


Check this out for a hearty laugh or two:



That makes sense.


I figured "garbage" was intended to be "cabbage!"


I have even photographed hand-written menus in some countries, when the translation has become picturesque or humorous. What fascinates me, however, is when those same errors appear in menus in restaurants in the U.S. -- is it because they think the butchered English lends verisimiltude to their writing?

Regarding the "pork with fresh garbage," since the word "garbage" originally meant animal entrails, I wonder if that entry is more archaic than mangled -- something that comes with a side of liver? In Asia, I have often seen menus that lean heavily toward entrails. Just a thought.

Fortunately, the food is almost always better than the grammar.

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