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June 14, 2005


English Assignment

News channels, magazines, blogs; amazing how fast information travels. Media has an almost immediate effect on those receiving the information, and the choices that people make based on that information. In the piece, Government is Checking Possible Case of Mad Cow, the Agricultural Department is unaware of where the diseased cow came from. When the world found out that American cattle were diseased, 53 countries banned the purchase of American beef. The food industry really impacts the choices that people make. The faster the news travels, the faster the choices change. Media, especially media involving food, or dieting, affects the world almost immediately after the information is received. In the article, Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch, the author exposes how television shows have contributed to the laziness of Americans. Therefore, both the blog and the article show how great of an impact media has not only on the food world, but the world in general.


One point that really gets in my craw is that cows are vegetarian animals, many of them being forced to eat their own kind, in the ground up meal.
A pal of mine is convinced her middle aged friend died of this disease over 4 years ago in this country. We took the story to the Center for Science in the Public Interest but it didn't take off.


I've heard rumblings about this lately, but this is old news to those of us who've followed the mad cow story for years. We've known forever that the test used here is no good, and used far too infrequently, to ever spot BSE. But then I think that's the point.


Scroll down , way down, for a lengthy look at Mad Cow from
Accidental Hedonist.

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