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July 08, 2005



There will always be problems, violence, something going wrong, so it is good indeed to have family and friends as a focus and sanctuary -- and also as a reminder of why it is good to work for peace.

My prayers are with everyone, both friends and strangers, in London -- one of my favorite destinations (and a place where I have eaten well for 40 years -- where are those people eating who complain all the time -- the food is great: splendid cheeses, great beef, excellent seafood, cider, great veggies, and have you ever been to the Southwark Market?)

And Kathleen is right -- dining is the vehicle of diplomacy for a good reason. Almost all societies recognize the almost sacred bond created by serving someone, even an enemy, a meal.

My prayers now are also with all of those who are asked to keep us safe -- may they and their families and friends know peace and good food, too.


Have not been to Top Curry but I shall suggest it to my vegan friend now living outside London. Thanks, kathleen.

Kathleen Heady

Yes. Yes. Yes. Sharing food has always been a wonderful vehicle for peace, and even more so now that we have access to ethnic food of all types everywhere. And you can eat well in London without spending a lot of money. Have you tried the Top Curry restaurant in Pimlico?
Peace to all and especially to London, the greatest city in the world.

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