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July 16, 2005


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breakfast truly is the best. It may be crazy, but as much as I adore all things bready and eggy, I also really love leftover pahd thai for breakfast!


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My two children both eat in the school cafeteria everyday both at lunch and at breakfast. I do not allow them to pack their lunches from home. I know they are getting a very nutritious breakfast and lunch 5 days a week. My children's ages are 6 and 8. I also don't allow them to get the flavored milk or any of the juices, they get reduced fat white milk with both breakfast and lunch. Which they have never tried chocolate milk, so they love regular milk. Breakfast is .75 and Lunch is $1.10, you can't beat it!!! They are happy and healthy little girls.



Will Barrett

Fried potatoes, fried chicken, and a roll were not uncommon. Or fried potatoes, mystery meet and a roll. Or fried potatoes and macaraoni and cheese


Late chiming in, but I prefer "Ecru Meal" to white meal. But that's just me.


Oh, it was the OTHER white meat!!! Hee.

Sounds so delicious!


Okay, folks, as you are all on vacation or hols, Foodie will divulge that "the white meal" consisted of mashed potatoes, white rolls, a slab of very white pork with white gravy, and cauliflower, no dash of paprika on top.
Unbelievable?!! But oh so true.


Wouldn't you know that CA would have a beige meal, a step up from pasty white..? Sheesh.

But at least we were spared swamp jello. Thanks for sharing.


I don't have any recollection of white meals, but I do have vivid memories of beige meals. Fried potatoes, fried chicken, and a roll were not uncommon. Or fried potatoes, mystery meet and a roll. Or fried potatoes and macaraoni and cheese. But one of the stunners I remember from college was quite colorful -- we called it swamp jello. At the end of the week, they'd melt all the week's jello flavors into one sheet pan, so you'd end up with a greenish-brownish jellow with orange swirls.

Of course, in retrospect, I have to smile, because when we got tired of the beige food in the cafeteria, we went after other beige food -- usually peanut butter and salteens.

Having gone to school in California, however, I did at least have access to snacks that were most excellent -- we had avocado or artichokes every week in the dorm, as well as bags of oranges.

To be perfectly honest, I think the biggest nutrition problem, at least for me, was unlimited access to softdrinks in the cafeteria -- but at least the cola was always color coordinated with the beige food!


Mashed potatoes and white bread are correct, Susie. But there's more......No turkey....Nice try.
Dessert was not specifically linked to "the white meal," but I think tapioca pudding suitable for use as a sturdy school glue was offered.


The white meal... I can't say I've encoutered it myself, but I'll take a stab. Turkey, mashed potatoes/rice, and white bread?

Vanilla pudding?

Tell me how wrong I am!

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