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August 28, 2005



Thanks, Bruce--we are going to be transferring to DVD some Super 8 tapes we made of your Dad, including some of his joketelling....

Bruce W. Niederhauser

What a nice and very personal obituary written about my father by the Hughes. He will be remembered in many ways by so many different folks around the world. He was a great father, friend and grandfather to us as a family. As a scientist/researcher and humanitarian he touched many people. Truly a remarkable man.


We still cannot believe the world has lost this wonderful guy, sigh. We appreciate your comments.




Thanks for the introduction to this true hero. The media focuses so much on the negative, it's easy to forget all the wonderful people there are in the world who are doing important things. I always love reading stories about the good guys. And he sounds absolutely charming, as well as heroic. Thanks for sharing a bit of his life with us.

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