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October 10, 2005


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This reminds me of those good old days where my mom raised chickens at our backyard. Sweet memories.

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That reminds me of the Courier news paper artical. Cars that run on used vegtable oil.

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Hmm..Great post !!I have my own poultry farm where I have raised lot of chickens on a farm scale. I have used both coop and free range methods. And really got very good experience from it.

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hhahahha thanks for sharing this pics
I have my own poultry farm.


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What should we do about the waste from CAFO's contaminating our lakes and rivers?

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Let's talk about it

Alyssa Nichols

OMG!!! how horrable!!! I do raise chickens and I don't see why they can't pick all the manure on a tarps and let it compost, and them sell it instead of using it all.


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There should definitely be some sort of procedure to turn all the waste into fertilizer. Chicken fertilizer is very potent and could be a cash crop in and of itself.



We raise roaster chickens over an 11-week period. They are fed exclusively USDA Certified Organic feed from Helfterfeeds.com and they are out on the pasture free to roam. Our next batch will be ready in the Summer of 2006. http://www.stoneorganicpastures.com


I have raised chickens all my life on a family farm scale. I have used both coop and free range methods. At presant I am also using a chicken tractor, which is much better for the birds and my soil. Better for me too as I don't have to haul the droppings to the garden. I have always used the droppings as a soil amendment. I think the CAFO is missing out on a potential side product. They should dry, sterylize and bag the waste. I have a friend who does just that at his petting zoo. He calls his product "ZOO POO".


That reminds me of the Courier news paper artical. Cars that run on used vegtable oil.


The movie was titled "Battletruck," though I think the name got changed to something weird like "Warlords of the 21st Century," but just in the U.S. It's actually quite a bucolic little film, given its post-apocolyptic setting and storyline. I saw it because the older brother of a good friend of mine wrote and directed the film. (He didn't change the name, by the way -- it was released as "Battletruck" in England, New Zealand, and Australia. It's just when it got brought into the U.S. that distributors decided it needed a "punchier" name.)

Anyway, the survivors of the cataclysm live in a town/camp called Clearwater, and they driver their few cars with fuel from chicken poop.

And just so you know, this doesn't constitute a recommendation of the movie. It's just what came to mind when we started speaking of fowl droppings.


We must have the title of this chick flick, please!


I saw a futuristic movie many years ago in which people were driving cars powered by fuel created from chicken droppings. Since simply getting rid of chickens isn't a viable option, perhaps using the poop in similarly creative ways has potential. (Because even free range chickens create manure.)

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