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February 20, 2006



Yes, Gail T--even extra firm tofu, well marinated, can do the trick for some--but then, I am a hearty fan of "fake" Canadian bacon.


GailT, have you tried some of the vegetarian crumbles in tacos? I had some of these just the other night--my daughter loves them.


Now this makes me think of my pet gripe when it comes to meat -- and that is all the crud that is added to make a piece of meat tender. Tender is one thing, but having an almost grainy piece of pork or beef is, from my point of view, stomach turning.

I'm finding less and less meat appetizing. I've always maintained that I could easily become a vegetarian -- with one exception: I couldn't ever stop eating my favorite home-made tacos with ground beef!


Foodie neglected to mention that consumers lulled by the pink color can still know the meat is bad when it foams, and the packaging bulges.......


we dye farmed salmon pink as well. does it effect the flavor? not really. but we have to keep some standards before we allow too many artificial augmentations change what we know to be "real" food.


I actually think it's a great idea. Less meat is thrown away, thus fewer animals are slaughtered.

As for the health aspects, do you really think people eating red meat are worried about their health? There's a lot more to be worried about by eating at the top of the food chain than a little carbon monoxide in the packaging.

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