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February 17, 2006


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Utah has its fair share of diners, drive-ins and dives, and the Food Network host Guy Fieri is in town this week discovering some of them. Film crews were at Ruth's Diner, the Burger Bar in Roy, Moochie's Meatballs, Lone Star Taqueria, Blue Plate Diner, Red Iguana and Pat's Barbecue, shooting segments for Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.





“Religious faith also promotes acceptance of one’s body. A Cornell university study finds that religious adherents are less likely to perceive themselves as overweight.” (Psychology Today, May 2007, p. 16)

Angie Hartford

Um...Coca-Cola isn't forbidden in the Word of Wisdom. The "strong drinks" mentioned in the Word of Wisdom are translated by LDS authorites to mean alcoholic beverages. The "hot drinks" mentioned are coffee and tea. Coca-Cola and other caffienated beverages aren't served at Brigham Young University. Coca-Cola is up to one's discretion, as are herbal "teas."

It's also interesting to note that the Word of Wisdom advocates eating meat only sparingly, and only in winter. But LDS culture almost comprehensively ignores this edict.


Thanks for the FP info--had no idea.


Funeral Potatoes are just another name for twice baked potatoe casserole. (A standard, easy recipe that is generally popular when feeding large groups - including families after a funeral.)

Baked potatoes, lots of cheese, cream of mushroom soup - you get the picture.


Do share Funeral Potatoes with us, please! What are they?


Having lived in a community of Seventh-Day Adventists and whose tenets encourage not eating the flesh of dead animals, I was initially surprised by finding so many overweight adherents. I had supposed that being vegetarians would keep them fairly thin and healthy. But in coming to count many of them among my friends, I discovered that their downfall in weight control is like the rest of us -- too much dessert!

Laura Moncur

Actually, Coca-Cola and other "strong drinks" are not recommended foods according to the Word of Wisdom. It's not the Coke, it's the Funeral Potatoes.

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