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May 12, 2006



Hey, thanks for adding the link. And I am working away on a more general piece on Walmart and organics and Geneva which should be up soonish. Did you all see the Michael Pollan piece or the discussion on Cooking with Amy?


Hey, bibliochef, just added your blog to our links list. Thanks for the excellent
explanation as to why "practices" matter.


Our small town (Genava, NY) is losing a great local institution -- a gardening place -- and Walmart is thinking of expanding there. Augh. And, of course, the more they do organic (and even the more our incredible grocery stores called Wegmans do organic) the more likely they are to drive our small natural foods store which has been in town for ages out of business. Alas. So, that is how labour practices relate to "organic" and thus to lives destroyed by what seems good. An argument for very complicated ethics around buying, growing, consuming food.


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Hi, Nixon--the book "Organic, Inc"
( reviewed on this blog recently )suggests that fair labor practices go hand in hand with sustainable growing, for many organic farmers. It's their mindset, as it were.

Lydia--while what you say is widely believed and much may be true,--obviously
Walmart is out to make $$$-- many of the Walmart employees I have talked to love the place because they are able to work unusual shifts they like, shifts that are convenient to their family's schedules--they have also mentioned the camaraderie....


Walmart doesn't do anything unless it thinks there's a benefit to the bottom line. This is a company whose salary and benefits programs work to keep employees -- and the communities in which they live -- in or near poverty, so that Walmart is the only place they can afford to shop. Don't be fooled into thinking Walmart is providing a service to its customers by offering organic foods.


What do labor conditions have to do with the definition of "organic"?

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