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May 26, 2006



Yep--there it is--1965 began the medical study of really heavy folks, or so says Wikipedia re the word "bariatrics." Thanks, Rose!



read it. Mere.

Looked up two intenet dictionaries first but drew a blank. Long explanation in wikipedia.



A growth industry indeed, says she coyly, having just eaten a divine pizza created from Trader Joe's corn meal pizza dough, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, et al--BUT-prior to inhaling the pie, Foodie had just worked out vigorously on the stationary bike, so there!

The Old Foodie

Hello Meredith

I think the word "bariatrics" comes from the Greek root "baro" referring to weight or perhaps measurement, and the suffix "iatros" referring to medical treatment. There is an American society of Bariatric medicine - that is, doctors who specialise in the medical treatment of obesity. Methinks it is growth industry (OUCH! - pun not intended). A scary thought indeed.

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