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May 05, 2006


runes of magic gold

in it, though... Wife makes me drive over 600 miles round-trip to buy it there - so I stock up...


Yes - you CAN get Salsa Lizano at the Talin Market in Albuquerque - comes in BIG (almost 1-liter) plastic bottles. My wife is Costa Rican, and got me hooked on the stuff. No Tamarind in it, though... Wife makes me drive over 600 miles round-trip to buy it there - so I stock up...


Thanks, Rita--sounds refreshing!


A little more about dragonfruit....
Yes, dragonfruit is bland by itself. One way to 'wake up' the flavor is to peel and cut one into one inch (approximately) sized pieces. Then squeeze the juice of one lemon or lime on these pieces. VOILA! It's very tasty!


How about Coq au Vin with some corn tortillas? I'm not sure why, but that sounds delicious.

Raspberry Sour

I've eaten it in Taiwan, also under the guise of Dragonfruit. And since then, I've only ever seen it in Chinese markets. Funny, I've never thought of it as anything but an Asian fruit.

They also come with purple-y insides, but whether white or purple, the taste is rather watery and non-existent.


I sampled the fruit pictured in Hong Kong, but there they called it Dragon fruit. It doesn't have a strongly distinctive flavor, but it's sweet and refreshing, with a texture much like kiwi fruit. And it looks cool.

And as for your French omelet, maybe you want to pour a little salsa over it, in keeping with the holiday. ;-)


Haven't seen that in Albuquerque but I bet it exists--I would definitely try Talin Market on Louisiana.

Michelle Meaders

What you put on Costa Rican food to liven it up is Lizano sauce (reportedly called lizard sauce by the visiting biologists there). It is a brown tamarind-based liquid like Worchestershire sauce. Anybody know where you can get it in Albuquerque?

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