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September 04, 2006


Jonathan Heusman

Sounds like people need to start eating more healthy foods like pickles! This motivates me to develop a pickle diet, with lots of scientific research of course thought.



Yes, Cynthia--"food obsessed" is definitely not my point, at least--you are probably right about the diet angle there.

Anyway, enjoyment of life's pleasures, among them eating and "moving", is the priority.
And I do watch tv....but then, I'm an adult.


I think part of the problem is that, even in talking about what to eat and what not to eat, the focus is still and always on food. Might it not be more effective to focus on life? Research has shown that even overweight people can be healthy if they have active lives. It's a lot easier to move toward a positive (things that are fun and interesting to do) than avoid a negative (bad food and sitting around watching TV). Not that I've discovered all the secrets to being slim, but I am quite active, because that's what I focus on. I don't avoid TV, I pursue everything else, and TV just gets left out.

Just a thought. But I do tend to find that the most food-obsessed people in the world seem to be those who are on diets.


Whoa! Thanks for the recommended reading, Darla--I am familiar with one or two. BTW --A while back I reviewed Abby Ellin's book "Teenage Waistland," in this blog.
( See Books.)
Obviously there are obese people for whom life style changes and making different choices are not the answer.

While some so-called "fat" folks are healthy and active, reports from the US and abroad are concerned with the people who are overweight and suffering from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and other maladies.

Bad parents? I think that responsible adults don't introduce their children to fast food at all. I also think they limit tv watching and encourage activity.

Every day people make choices about everything, don't they? Eating is one of them.


According to your commentary, people who are overweight lack will power, are lazy, immoral, ignorant, inactive and bad parents. What nonsense. Why dont you do your readers and yourself a favour and read something credible about the history and stigmatising of Fat i.e Peter Stearns' Fat History, Richard Klein's Eat Fat, or Kathleen LeBesco's Revolting bodies. At least then you might be better able to reflect on the ignorance, arrogance and conservatisim that underwrites your commentary.

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