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September 16, 2006



NYTimes update re spinach:http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/24/us/24spinach.html?hp&ex=1159156800&en=bfdaadc3e2f8444d&ei=5094&partner=homepage


Yes, the NM lasagna is delicious!


Further news--now "they" say the processing place was NOT the culprit...stay tuned.


Yes the dish U described is very nice Spinach


Yes, of course re the manure. But I was referring to the apparent link being made between the processing site/practices and the contamination, a link that may not be accurate.


"Also, an organic label may not guarantee ... safe food, as the point of contamination may have been in the processing and handling, not the growing."

You've got that backwards. Organic produce is often fertilized with manure, and has a higher probability of being contaminated with E. coli from manure than conventional produce. That's never going to change, although careful farming practices can reduce the risk.

The difference between organic and non-organic produce relates to use of pesticides and the like, not to E. coli contamination.

It's the same tradeoff with other organic and natural foods, for instance unpasteurized milk. You run a greater risk in one area to gain a perceived benefit in another area.

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