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February 10, 2007



The crab cakes are delicious, remind me of Cuba, I do not remember these in my past visits to Tampa ... I would love to try these, but still recommend them ... also recommend dos cubanos

Kieth Parks

I too grew up in Tampa and my mom was a native and of course was familiar with Seabreeze. Every time I go back I have to get one at either Alessi (no they will not ship them) or Cacciatore (they make them to order on the spot and will not ship either). I was back 2 years ago and the restaurant/cafe out at Ballast Point (maybe the name was Taste of Boston of all names) had pretty decent devil crab also. THEY said at the time as long as you guarantee a regular ongoing order, they could flash freeze them to ship to you. I am not sure if they are still operating or not.

air max 90

i wish all my friends and families would be happy forget their worries.


I will see if Lili is still doing this--am in the area from Dec 1.


I see where lots of people have asked about shipping your crab cakes...I too am interested in having some shipped...so do you? If so, please send me the info to order...would love to surprise my family at Christmas with good ole Tampa crab cakes!!!

Eugene Mays

I will be in tampa next month on the third of august please let me know how I can find you I love deviled crabs and would like to stop by when I'm in town


OMG My old boss use to buy these when he would go on Vac OMG THESE are the BEST DEVILED CRABS OMG IM GOING THERE NOW TO GET SOME. :)


What's up with December 13, 2010? bored?


Can't wait to be in Tampa to have Lili's devil crabs,,she also makes awesome soup!!!!!

Atish Kumar mohanty

Come through this sight and liked very much with the wonderful dishes. But I need to contact LIL for some kind of help from her. can I?

Cheyenne gomez

They are the BEST!!! I am a born Tampiana & was raised with them my whole family & up to this day we keep it up, for parties, lunch & by the way my husband is a vendor in Downtown Tampa & he sells the Lil Devil Crabs & they sell like hot cakes. Thanks Lily Keep it up

barbara johnson

i am originally from florida and i love devil crabs they are the best when my mom goes to florida she brings me a box of them back but now she is un able to go to florida and i was wonderning is there any way that i could have some devil crabs sent to my home if so please email me and give me a price including the shipping and handling charges



Robert White

Hello guys, I have been looking for a business or person who can send DEVIL CRABS's via mail. If you are your company can send them please let me know. P.S Im from Tampa but now im in Texas. I miss the home town food's. Its nothing better than a devil crab. oo yeah 2 devil crabs.

Orlando Hotels

I love cuban food! everytime i come to orlando on business i eat cuban food. i like walking in the city until i find a nice cuban restaurant. it has bacame a tradition for me.

Wayne Rogers

I would not care if they were blue on the inside, they are the best devil crabs I have ever had. I am talking about going way back to when they were sold by the vendors on their 3 wheel bicycles back in the 50's. They beat the seabreeze by a mile and also the White House which was also very famous for their devil crabs. Of course the price has went up also. They use to be 15 cents back then. I just bought 100 from her this week and have already ate 10 of them. I'll be paying her another visit shortly.

julio s. balbontin

dear lili, this is julio balbontin a while back i ordered a dozen of devil crab crockets wish you did call me when you were here in miami but at the time you call me i was very sick in the hospital my doctor didn't want me to eat nothing fried but now im well again and i can eat what ever i please thank god. so next time you come to miami here is my address and my email too.im ready to recieve the 1 dozen devil crabs i will pay you when i see you here in miami. thank you ever so much. julio s. balbontin

linda smith

I love lillys devil crabs they are the best in the world


Its amazing what people will post in these forums, some of it is quite brilliant!

 Angel Pla

Hola ! Lili, como esta. Nice web site, was looking on how to make devil crabs and came up with your site very nice your pictures are very good, See you soon Angel Pla


I’m so lucky, after reading this article I had a craving for devil crabs so I called Lili. She’s the best. I had a dozen devil crabs and a dozen stuffed potatoes delivered here to my house in South Miami. Hands down these are the best I have ever eaten. Later that night we went to a local club and danced till the club closed down. Needless to say we had a blast. So if you live in the Miami area she’ll be coming down at least once a month to bring devil crabs and stuffed potatoes so get on the list...call her 813-247-4565 at the restaurant.

Gary Hagen

I have not had a good deviled crab since I left Tampa. How can I order some??? They are the one thing I miss about Tampa. I live WV and no one has heard of them.


I was born in tampa and raised in Ybor City, 55- years ago. I remember the vendors on their bikes ringing the bell as they road down the streets selling those wonderful hot treats of deep fried ambrosia we called "Devil Crabs". At that time the deviled crabs were $.50 cents and they were very filling and delicious. Now I am living in New Jersey and I was thinking about the familiar taste of deviled crabs today so I Googled the name and got Lil's article. I Would call that ironic.......I to would like to know how I can have some delivered to me.



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joe lafrom

I have great news for devil crab lovers, the original seabreeze devil crab and resturant is comming back. the one that started it all way back then in 1929 the one and only miss lucy licata. i cant wait for the one's who forgot what the real devil crab taste like to once again be able to get them


I am looking for mail order devil crabs and thought you might be the answer to my search. We don't get the real thing in California.

Samuel Lee

Hi to ALL
I just called Harbor side Grill
the Phone Number above is Wrong.
It is now 813-247-4565( they said they will
ship to me In Alaska, If I'm willing to pay
the shipping) Hell If it's reasonable I'd be
willing to pay to just satisfies my JONES of
these Blasted little Devil's. so now I wait to
get called back with the shipping news, HMMMmmm??? please don't hurt me?
Sam again

Samuel Lee

Hi to ALL
I just called Harbor side Grill
the Phone Number above is Wrong.
It is now 813-247-4565( they said they will
ship to me In Alaska, If I'm willing to pay
the shipping) Hell If it's reasonable I'd be
willing to pay to just satisfies my JONES of
these Blasted little Devil's. so now I wait to
get called back with the shipping news, HMMMmmm??? please don't hurt me?
Sam again

Samuel Lee

Hi to you
I grew up in Tampa Fl born and raised just outside of Ybor City went to Oak Park Elementary School.
I've conquered many of my craving's for foods
from the Cubans that I grew up loving so very
much, I've even found some like Chorizos and even my Cafe cubano, However one of the most
craved and loved Item has eluded me for the last 15 yrs here in Juneau Ak. and in the
telling of this dilemma I'm in hi hopes that
some one may take pity on this poor ass redneck Tampa Boy and please share a web Addy to which I may be able to order from them the Illustrious Devil Crab I so crave?

Sam Lee


I like many folks grew up in Tampa and now live elsewhere. Living in Virginia just outside DC you would think you could find anything you wanted.. But, no devil crabs or cuban sandwich.. folks have no concept of just how great these things are.. or what they are.. So on my yearly trip home I have to drive making that long 12 hours drive in order to stock up on our favorites, devil crabs and cuban bread.. I've spent hours even in Florida trying to find someone to ship to me. Maybe oneday someone will come through and save our day... Hope you'll share if you find that someone...

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