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February 15, 2007


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It's the sugar part that particularly riles me, I think--( Full disclosure:when I was a kid we were Skippy people...)

Spreadability? Don't think that has been a problem of late--with 7 inches of snow in my backyard a day ago, and gas heating costs huge, I am leaving the PB out on the counter of my cool, cool hacienda. It spreads, right up until the point that my whole grain, O transfats cracker snaps.


You're a little tough on PB, Foodie! My jars say "0 percent transfat" but they also contain either "fully hydrogenated oil" or partially hydrogenated oil--but less than .5 percent.

Skippy Natural contains: roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt.

I do use the kind you have to refrigerate, but they really don't taste very good, and when I tried to use one in a recipe the other day that required cooking, it tasted awful. So I only use them for savory cooking, i.e. Thai sauces.

But for pb and j, I must stick to commercial brands, for spreadability as well as taste.

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