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April 23, 2007



At least the Italians know how to eat--and take the time to do it!


Apropos the 25th of April. It’s a national holiday in Italy but hardly anyone knew why. They settled on the capitulation of the Germans- but again- were not sure 1st or 2nd WW. Oy vey.


Biofuels remind me of high tech windmills, and solar panels--and solar panels remind me of the time when newly-elected Ronald Reagan removed from the White House roof the solar panels installed by Jimmy Carter.
Idiot. That and other things--like removal of tax breaks for use of alternative energy, removal of support for fledgling alternative companies set this country back 25 years.


Speaking of crops... Today, we saw field after field of rapeseed, more than I've ever seen in the countryside before. Then I saw a headline in a newspaper, saying how more fields were being planted with rape, not for canola oil but for biofuels. In fact, beer drinkers are facing higher beer prices, since barley is being turned over to rape!

What does this have to do with the bard, except that barley and beer both start with B? They definitely did not grow rape when he was around!

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