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May 16, 2007



Huzzah, Son of! Do eat a wee bit of something with the pint, deah...

Son of foodie

I can be quite the anal veggie but since the swimbladder stuff is basically only there in the brewing process , I will not stop drinking the meal in a pint!


Mars have changed their mind! They announced it today, effective immediately. No rennet in candy bars.


Here's what the company says: "Murphy's is made with all natural ingredients, and is subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure that each pint is perfect. Murphy's claimed the Gold Medal for stout at the 2002 International Brewing awards, a true testimony of the superior taste and commitment to quality. Murphy's Irish Stout is a product obtained from wort, made from malted barley, roasted material (barley and malt), drinking water and hops, alcoholically fermented with pure culture yeast of the type Saccharomyces cerevisiae."
Sounds ok thus far....


Speaking of positive news---this blog has been nominated for a Bloggers' Choice Award--do take a moment and VOTE for US--( see button at left)

James Macpherson

Give me hope - does Murphy's Stout use kelp extract instead?


This is just too depressing. Any positive food news please?

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