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May 03, 2007



Yes, Italian mamas are on the job forever. They do not understand when I protest. But even longstanding husbands- when in need of lunch and wife is in town or at the doctor have to find a table where to have their prepared lunch. Reataurant? Daughter-in-law?
I do not jest.

Dumme G.

Insider info?? Not even inside a tabloid. Headline stuff, but years ago.
Sorry about lowering the tone.


Rose--So Italian Mamas are on the job, like, forever?
Dumme G.--I have not been privy to such delicate insider info, franchement. Is Boris homeless, or a desperate teen? NOT!

Dumme G.

Nobu: now isn't Nobu, London, the place where Boris Becker fathered his child in a broom closet in 30 seconds? No, I was not there, I just read about it.


Yippeee. Lets get away from pests-err- pets and talk about Italian food and Italian life style. George got it right. They take lunch very seriously. Here in the valley there is a mini traffic jam at 12 sharp. EVERYONE downs their tools and goes home for lunch. All men. Unfortunately all male children up to 60 too- whether they are married or not. They go to mama. OK, so the male children I mean are only up to 45 years old but they still live at home. Except the ones who are married and still go home to mama for lunch because wife works. Otherwise- WHO WOULD FEED THEM????

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