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May 04, 2007



Grissom shifted his eyes over at Brass, who was shaking his head back and forth knowingly.

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People are stalked all the time and I have never heard of a restitution award in such a case before. Perhaps there is some justification for it in this case; for example, if he was profiting off the photos. But the article suggests they were not sold. So I am bewildered as to why there is any award at all.

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But I like this movie Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant. I think that its funny, but my friends say that nothing funny there.

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A large head of (unspeakable) iceberg lettuce did appear in the flick, but no cabbage...

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This follows the storied history of action fruits and intrepid vegatables. Revenge of
the Tomato, Mr Potato head gone wild, and even the Christian hijacking produce in the form of Veggietales. The latter more likely to make youngsters frightened of carrots and so on.

May I advise developing a dancing head of cabbage as it's spokes veggie?

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