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July 25, 2007


Kelly Mahoney

What does cheese have to do with terrorism? Perhaps it's a political statement against the subpar meals on airplanes that they try to pass off as edible.


Ah. those were the good old days, Willow...


More than just-a-few years ago, I moved halfway across country. I only had some minimal belongings from a furnished apartment, so most of it I packed in a big box, taped it up, and checked it with my luggage. I had a huuuuuge carry-on bag, which contained whatever was in the bathroom and kitchen of my apartment. Knives, scissors, even a unlabeled can of mystery food that I didn't want to throw out in case it was something good.

I wouldn't try that again.


Red or green?


If they saw some of the things BA brings back from his New Mexico trips, they'd put him on the terrorist list for sure!

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