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July 22, 2007



AK--We will try to help as we can. What do you suggest?


Imagin you livin in the areas we talking here(OGADEN)

all we see in OGADEN is soldiers with guns, A highly armored soldiers in front of the houses listenin if any men are in side, if they hear a man's voice they pick out and take away, we never ever know were they take the pple once they catch them.

we are deprived of live's most basics, FOOD WARER and SECURITY. dont the world really care at all? all the weopons they use to kill our mother ans sisters comes from the world, they give them money and every thing and all the world gives to ethiopia is used to kill our pple.

we are tired tired and over tired of being hororized, we are hungry and over hungry. we need nothing else but PEACE. PEACE. peace.

DO YOU CARE? please do some thing to stop killin in ogaden its goin on right now you read this. please act


According to an AP news item from the Blog's new feature Newsvine Food News ( scroll down lower left column,) the Ethiopian government has expelled the Red Cross from Ogaden, accusing the RC of "talking" with rebels.


Is anyone surprised?

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