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July 30, 2007


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I saw car for the Response team at the end of the layby, closed the doors and drove off leaving the others and when I spoke to them they said they were on their break. Well, I know that they are entitled to breaks, so they should not sit there and do nothing, they should have disappeared somewhere where they are not seen as now what do I think of the service they supply?


I really hate those littles insects, they are so nosy and difficult to kill.


Wow--thanks for the info, Heather. I will check this out.
The spelling of the delicacy above varies widely, so...I guess I should put both the Polish and the Ukrainian speelings maybe.

Heather Carruthers

Thought you might like to know that there are at least TWO giant pierogi statues in the world. This information comes from AOL Canada Summer Guide 2007 - Canada Makes it Big:

"For some reason, Ukrainian-Canadians seem particularly fond of monumental road art. Alberta alone is home to the world's largest pysanka or Easter egg (in Vegreville), pyrogy (in Glendon) and kielbasa (in Mundare). The Ukrainian connection isn't always so obvious, though: take the giant mosquito in Komarno, Man. Turns out, "Komarno" means "mosquito" in Ukrainian."

Note the spelling of pyrogy. I grew up in Alberta and still love those fabulous little dumplings...and of course, my Mom's are the best!


A pierogi statue! I know there are giant bottles of ketchup and Vidalia has a big onion on its watertower. But, besides the big pierogi, how many other food concoctions can claim their own monuments?

Kelly Mahoney

I can't imagine it tasted all that great. But good for them, that's a nice little bit of publicity.

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