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July 26, 2007


plastic packaging

Its the same fight everywhere, like what would appear better against whats right. Saving the environment which has now been prioritized by many packaging plants is a very good step. Its just not wine and as put in by kelly its just not about corks or saving the fuel by lightening the weight, its the bigger picture that every one needs to see here. Planet earth it needs us at this time. Many packaging plants are working for this better cause and it needs to be followed by others along side.


Kathy F-- Canned wine? Where? Wine in a box that we tried in Brussels over the hols was pretty bad, though here I've had Aussi white that was palatable. But I hear that Target's red in a box is highly drinkable. ?? Have not yet ventured over to try it.
Jilara--Definitely--I think the wines slated for plastic bottling are most likely intended to be drunk very young, like on the way into the house from your car, or, more seriously, that evening.


If you're planning to drink it within months, I can see plastic, but my wine lives in my fruit cellar for years. Plenty of time to turn funky with plastic packaging. It's not that plastic absorbs flavor, but that it adds its own components to the wine. Plastic also deteriorates, especially with acidic fluids, like wine. Save the glass for bottles and drink out of plastic glasses... I've done it more than a few times. (Paper cups, too, which just isn't the same...) Modern (non-leaded) glass is fairly non-reactive, which is why it's used with lab equipment, etc. I prefer not to think of what a 20-year-old plastic bottle of wine would be like. My inclination would be to throw it out.


I heard about this on the radio. They sent someone to Sainsbury's to find it and the manager didn't even know about it.

I've also seen wine in little aluminum cans, single-serving size.

For that matter, who hasn't drunk wine in a box? The wine, I mean.


Isn't Sainsbury being sold to Dubai, just like another Brit icon....the QE2?

Sainsbury is a heritage grocery company in Britain. They have some sort of online museum about their history...don't recall the link.


In my experience true, indoors--Outdoors on my driveway, not so much.

Kelly Mahoney

We're already starting to replaced corks with plastic stoppers, so maybe this is just another transformation, but what's next? Swiging it out of a bottle like Coca Cola? No thanks.

I've never broken a wine bottle -- they're practically indestructable.

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