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November 15, 2007



Yes, well, many Floridians apparently do not have much truck with folks north of Gainesville...

Wicked Good Dinner

OMG, I LOVE that you did this!!

Your "grocery" story ranks up there with a funny thing that happened to me in Florida...a cashier asked me where I was originally from. When I answered, "Rhode Island," he said to me, "Oh, I've never been to that island before, is it nice?"


Must be in the genes, Johnny!


Good for you re: the holiday noise at Lowe's. I used to charge through Costco in Seattle turning off the TVs they had at the end of almost every aisle blaring commercials.


Love that Nancy G--what a hoot!

OY Emily--she's writ(h)ing..


One day in London our mutual friend Nancy G. corrected some grammatically incorrect graffiti. I am so glad there are people like you two around.

A brochure for Emily Dickenson's house I picked up in Mass. misused the word it's too. No word if she's turning over in her grave.

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