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April 28, 2008


Marc Kincade

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Interesting article.


Thats not a good picture to be posting on your blog since Im trying to eat healthier lol. Thanks!


Good read.

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Glad to meet you.

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OMG no! Maybe he's a tisane elitist...


I was wondering, during the coffee/orange juice controversy (the fact that that even became a controversy says something--something truly horrible--about our media) if perhaps Obama shares the same affliction and avoidance of caffeine that I do? Have you ever seen him drink coffee?


If America can get out of middle school mind-set and into adult mode, Obama will make it, I trust. Apparently Hillary relies on chiles to keep her going!


Clinton is going to take this as far as possible, I fear. She has no chance, but she's so power hungry... She looks like hell these days, too.

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