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July 06, 2008



The variety will have an effect on the garlic's flavor and intensity as well. I'm used to what we grew at Riverbank which, if I remember correctly, is called "german extra hardy". We're trying about four different varieties here at SSF this year.


Yum---have been buying locally-grown garlic at our nearby farmers market the last two Sundays. And am now curious as to when "new" garlic begins having the intensity of flavor I like. It seems a tad bland right now--on the other hand, when I finished my pasta lunch and was heading out to interact with the world, I felt the need to gargle with mouthwash, just in case! Will now investigate new vs older garlic.........


It's coming along great. We just ate & distributed the last of the garlic scapes and are waiting on the bulbs to mature. It looks like a couple varieties are not sizing up too well but most are quite large.


Speaking of free, how's my garlic coming along??


Yeehaw! Free press!

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