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August 14, 2008


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The misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come.(James Russell Lowell, American Poetess and critic)

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I need some MJ recipes , I want to try brownies or cookies.
I have never made MJ Brownies or cookies before. Do they get you as stoned as smoking? Plus I have to do this family trip thing and theres gonna be a lot of people , I want to get stoned without anyone knowing it.

Dog Ramps

I love the picture! You have a miracle dog


I am amazed at the things that dogs can eat and still survive. Our dog, whom is all of 9 months old eats everything that she can see, when no one is home. If it is in her eyesight, she will find a way to get it. She found her way to my hershey's bar and left very little wrapper for evidence of what she had been doing. On another occasion, she ate about 4 or 5 chocolate cupcakes with icing before we came in and stopped her from eating the other 5. Thank god, she has always turned out fine. This time though, she got to the sugar bowl and ate all of the sugar, at least a cup or two of it. She has had diarrhea for two days but otherwise seems fine, other than the putrid smell coming from her behind. Sure hope this goes away soon. We all need gas masks. P.S. We don't leave things out on purpose, it just took us a while to realize the lengths she would go to to get what she wanted.

Lauren Harrington

I love the picture! You have a mircle dog - eating all that chocolate and surviving! Obviously she loves CD's too! Post more pics - that is too precious!

Carmelo Lisciotto

I was told that it was bad for them as well...

Carmelo Lisciotto


i was told chocolates are bad for dogs...

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When I had a dog, who, alas has been gone a long time now, he once ate an entire bag of espresso beans coated in beautiful dark chocolate. I feared for his life (and mourned the loss of the treasure for myself) -- but he survived though a bit wildly for a while.


Avoid giving chocolate to dogs, in large enough quantities it can be fatal!


Yes, she's fine, Kathy--and I always take comfort in the tale of the cocker spaniel who got into my luggage, and ate an entire box of Belgian chocs destined for our hostess..........she lived out her full doggie allotment.
But I really think I must be more vigilant in the presence of dark, full whammy, chocolate.


I would never, ever leave Bailey alone with a brownie. Yesterday she was in the kitchen 5 minutes with a waffle, and nothing is left but crumbs...

As for chocolate, she's eaten a lot of chocolate in her 7 years--including a whole Rittersport. It depends on the amount of chocolate and the type. I expect your brownie had a lot more flour and sugar than 80% chocolate.

Anyway, she looks fine! (We'll have to add this to Weird Things My Dog Ate.)

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