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November 26, 2008


Agreed. Wonder what our economy would be like if it were real.


Turks raised with no antibiotics, etc etc, were selling here in ABQ for about $1.79 lb---they were undoubtedly not free range but were healthier than the .49c lb variety--that price is remarkable. The farmer/grower cannot be making much at all.

Cheap industrial food, versus..........

Yet---I have a feeling that people who buy fingerlings are also buying the higher end turkeys---commercially grown spuds are among the most heavily chemicalized crops around, and sell very cheaply at Tgiving time---5 lbs for .99, I saw. Happily, I was able to buy 2 bags of organic spuds for $5--to me, that's a bargain.

Bottom line, farmers (and teachers ) should be earning more!

Turkey in our local Hannaford grocery store was $.49 a pound. Who's taking the bigger hit, the grocery store or the farmer? We paid almost $3/lb for our free ranger. Still not much. Why are we willing to pay more for fingerling potatoes than a living being?


No Tgiving? But your spouse and kiddies are Real Amurricans. Come on, Rose!


Former candidates for high office ( well, one---with ineptly and over bronzed cheeks?? Now who could that be??? The "wild wordsmith from Wasilla" as Dick Cavet said? Whose campaign was a turkey?

Other than that- no Thanksgiving here and certainly no turkey.

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