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December 10, 2008



Personally, I could care less how much Oprah weighs and obviously money can't buy everything. There's more important things in life to worry about that deserve attention. Let Oprah deal with her own weight issues. It's her body, what she does with it is up to her.

Belly Fat

I used to be about 40+ lbs too heavy, which was not only uncomfortable, but looked terrible, and made my clothes not fit very well. One day I saw a picture of myself and thought "Who's that fat person?" About that time, I realized it was me, and knew it was time for a change. I made some basic diet changes, nothing too drastic, and in about a year, it was all gone. Okay, almost all gone. You can't ask for everything. I bet Oprah could easily do the same if she wanted. Oh, that was years ago, and it hasn't come back yet.


My mother used to say that if you have nothing better to do than worry about what you look like then you need to find something better to do with yourself. I am 5'8" and weigh around 200 and everytime I find myself worrying about what I look like I find someone worse off than me and say....what can I do to help you....it makes me a valuable asset to the world and makes others happier and it puts focus where it belongs..quality of life. Oprah would make my mother proud...definitely.


I love the information you have here. It will deff help me out with the current issues i'm having.


Oh, I know I will and I can not wait! :-)


i use to weigh that much, and i felt terrible. everything was a struggle. i finnally had a gastroid bypass and it saved my life. i tried forever to loose the wieght on my own. the fact is fat people die younger. go to the grocery store, do you see any fat old people? exactly.


True--I'm sure that Ms Oprah feels those extra pounds--I was astonished at how much "lighter" I felt after dropping 5.

Of course, Ms S, as a farmer, you are one of those super active people who will drop the post-baby pounds quickly and barely recall the time you felt like a creaky whale.


I'm 5ft 8in tall, pregnant (9mos.) and currently 210lbs. I have never been this uncomfortable and my poor body isn't happy about it. Aching joints, feet...it's just too much weight! It's made me think a lot about how uncomfortable it must be to be overweight. I don't really care how much Oprah weighs, but I bet she would feel a lot healthier, have more energy, and be more comfortable if she were in her average weight range...which I bet would be at least 30lbs lighter.

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