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December 13, 2008



Wish I had some kartofelpuffer made right now as the snow flies here in NM. No wood stove but finally some lovely seasoned cedar for the occasional fire--as in last evening, during our tree trimming party with mulled wine, NM green chile corn and spud chowdah with grated extra extra sharp cheddar,green chile cheese bread, and a slice of beyond delicious flourless choc cake. A carb-laden delight.


We didn't have power here for about 8 or 9 hours because of the storm. The breakfast you describe above is also possible in about the same time on an old-fashioned wood-fired cook stove...that's essentially what I made Friday morning while the power was out! We got off easy here, though. David posted an update on Facebook this AM reporting that Casa Harville was at hour 81 (and counting!) without power! Those ice storms...disruptive, dangerous, sure...but oh so beautiful. We had a helluva colorful sunset here Friday night, then the full moon (massive and at its closet point to the Earth in 15 years) Saturday night...absolutely breathtaking out there with all the ice on the trees.


Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus- home-made.


Great example--the trains! Love it.Poor Obama---not only must he save the nation and the world, but he must also be a good role model for students, according to the WaPo today. OY.

So--what's for supper?


Now now Foodie! All true, all TOO true, and too short a space to answer and agree.
Lemme see? Maybe the Eye-rak war was/is more important than than the ante-deluvian
( spelling? ) infrastructure of the USA. Maybe winter,ice and snow are a new surprise every year and nobody could forsee the possibility of downed powerlinesdue to heavy ice? Just like the UK, where wet leaves in autumn on the tracks cause an annual surprise to the rail companies. Maybe the big O and his experts will manage to bring in better times when they have fixed the messes leftbehind.
Did I forget something? I am taking my soap box and go to make a 30 min. supper.

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