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January 08, 2009



How stupid! (Heinous...)But at least Maine still has its 5 cent deposit rebate, right? I think your state was one of the first to do that, way back.


We were going to have a beverage tax here in Maine but big beverage companies spent tons of money to have it repealed last November. It would have only been a few cents per beverage and the money would have funded Maine's Dirigo Health Plan.


Yes! I noted recently that Trader Joe is introducing some "healthy" drinks--one that is a sludgy dark green color, and another orange--both made from veg and fruits--but containing a major amount of sugar. So even non sodas can be suspect....


The vats of soda sold in fast food joints, and everywhere else -refills free- are mindboggling- and not just to Europeans, I hope. Forget about the overdue gas tax- lets get a soda tax by calorie value.

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