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February 18, 2009



The Fasting Set Information give offer you strategies to cell things in appearance with its accommodative, simplified and salubrious fat casualty performance. Most metric deprivation programs lay out details in which a person should play finished with harrowing hours in the gym, but what the Fasting Solution System does is that it teaches the users to frame their own diet organization that they gift be fit to move.


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I agree with him. Look at the science of food. All of the research that has been done on enzymes and more. We should all get off the "box" and eat more whole foods. I do try to buy organic whenever possible at least on the top 10 fruits and veggies which have the most chemicals. some of the items on this list would include apples and kale. If I can't buy organic I make sure I was each piece of fruit or veggie. Its a pain in the &^%$ but eating this way will make you feel better and certainly look better too.


sorry, here is the link: http://bestonlinedocumentaries.com/category/vegetarianism


Nice post and blog! here I give you a website with a nice selection of documentaries about vegetarianism. Some of them will show the pros and cons af a vegetarian or vegan diet


bill maher is a vegan he doesn't even eat eggs...? he probably eats a raw vegan diet. this article sucks.


My wife is skinny. She is 5'4" and weighs 90-95 lbs. She isn't
anorexic, bulimic, or any of that. She just has a fast metabolism.

It does bother her that she is skinny. She has wanted to gain weight
for some time now, but doesn't have good plan on how to.

She has tried meal replacement drinks on top of meals, etc.

She now wants a meal plan that she can stick to gain weight. All my
searches come up with muscle gain in one form or another.

I would like to have a set meal plan for her along with other safe
options to gain weight.

Eating Habits

Very nice tips for good eating habits... Thanks!!!!

Chris Liu

You guys obviously missed the part where he mentions eating a lot of grains. That could mean whole grain bread, brown rice and even a bowl of oatmeal. His diet is fine. I don't know about the egg shake, I'd like mine fried but the rest is good. You can get a top of the line Omega juicer for $300, and juice a bag of carrots (non organic for 89 cents a lbs) makes a cup of fresh juice. You actually save alot of money eating healthy. A hearty salad with sprouts, mushrooms, and broccoli actually fills you up. You guys should try it!


He has orthorexia nervosa. That's SO obvious. Fits all the criteria. He's beginning to obsess about food now to the point that it enters every debate he has. This eating disorder affects single, narcissistic men between the ages of 35 and 60. Sound familiar? Like anorexia, its basis is in poor self-esteem and control. Bill admits to being a control freak, and the fact that he has low self-esteem is patently obvious.

Bill needs help.


I'd really like to see a Bill Maher weekly diet plan. Seriously. Apparently even the fresh fruit & produce grown for stores is unacceptable. By his criteria, even so-called "organic" is (and should be) looked at suspiciously, because unfortunately in the good ol' USA, the "organic" label allows a big fat 5% NON-organic in the foods. So, really, there's NO DIFFERENCE between conventionally grown mass-produced produce, and "organic."

Unless you know the farm and the farmer personally, you can't really trust it to be absolutely pure food grown on non-contaminated land, etc. And then, what about the fact that all of our selected fruits & veggies are hybridized to produce certain features at the expense of other nutritional features? Nothing we eat "occurs in nature" - at least not before our selective cultivation for those sellable traits (like size over flavor.) The foods we cultivate arguably are less nutritious than their wild ancestors.

I guess it's helpful to be able to pay people to prepare food for you. Most of us with families don't have the resources to be feeding liquid diets to our children, nor do I believe we should want to. We have teeth for a reason. We have digestive systems for a reason. Not to mention such a diet would be incredibly expensive (it takes a hell of a lot of produce to make a glass of juice!) Most people just can't afford it.

What angers me, is these people decrying our sources of food, expecting to eliminate it, without any forethought about how to replace these food sources. They simply want to shut down all the factory farms, feed lots, etc, but then are we to starve if we can't afford the alternatives?

Bill Maher likes to come off as an advocate for the poor and "little" people, but I haven't seen him presenting any real alternatives. We can't just wipe out an entire food supply. It has to be replaced gradually, as people change their eating habits (hopefully) and as things improve. Things do not improve by tearing down existing support structures.

Short of us all becoming homesteaders growing everything we need to survive individually, and having little else beyond bare subsistance, I'm not seeing many alternatives being presented.

Complaining is fun and all, but not very productive in the absence of other ideas to fix the problem. The pain of hunger is a much more compelling argument. And yes, people do starve in the USA.

T Santos

Afraid of food? Listen to yourself! His diet is about eating the way we were intended to eat. Not about liquid diet. Raw veggies are definitely part of his diet.


Bill's diet is an anoxeric liquid diet. Rarely any solid food will go down his throat. They carry too many calories. So Hollywood. They're afraid of food.

Debbies Dog Toys

That is a lot of work. I am all for eating healthy but that is too much.


Yeah, I guess that is why I find Larry King booooring. Too often he is not intersted and his guests are self-serving. Watched tail-end of the Maher interview -he is a good guy- or egg, as the |Brits say.

Andrea Rolston

try here:

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