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February 13, 2009



Cute--malus vs bonus. Excellent.

As has so often been said, honesty et al begins with us and our dealings as individuals. There is little we can do about the evil practices of those who are just a few among us.

Of course Mugabe should have been long gone.


Its not just getting the baddies into jail- I think Conrad Black resides in relative splendor next to his Florida palace-it is the whole idea of dishonesty, getting away with it and not even noticing that misdeeds are/were committed, makes me despair. Where is honesty, decency and us us us, instead of me me me????

Yesterday, a German politician recommended that bankers are awarded a malus this year instead of a bonus. Gimme back our money! Cute, no????


OOh, Rose--you are tough!
I just looked up a definition of decadence--"to fall into decay,", "self-indulgence..." 14 babies--- a magnificent indulgence, eh?

Of course, Bernie should be in the slammer.
And the lethal legume guy, well, I trust soon he will be in the same institution, enjoying prison peanut fare.


Years ago, pre 2001, I was host to Arab clients and we had a respectful debate on Islam and "us". I questioned their "honor code," brothers supressing their sisters etc. There was one argument I could not refute: "your society is so decadent" they said. And I had to agree.

Reading your list on moral and financial corruption makes one despair. And the thought that "Washington will be Washington", i.e. corrupt and selfserving, even with the will to change that of the current prezz is demoralising.


Madoff and wife to jail till cleared or convicted- not in isolated splendor in penthouse.

Force-feed the peanut CEO his products, maybe he has no healthcare like most of his peanut eating customers.

There is more I could suggest.

Rant. Rant.

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