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April 16, 2009


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It seems that many researches are getting conducted on Resveratrol. However I would also say that the product should rather be used once EPA verifies the claims on the product.

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We should ask the EPA to verify the claims on the product before pushing for its use.

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The fact that Resveratrol occurs naturally is encouraging. It might be that the quantities required to make an impact on its own great, but as part of a healthy lifestyle, I think it will give long term benefits.



We have also done some research on Resveratrol. While Jaxon is right, most have been done on animals the research is still promising.



Important to Note: Most research on resveratrol has been conducted on animals, not people. Research in mice given resveratrol has indicated that the antioxidant might also help protect them from obesity and diabetes, both of which are strong risk factors for heart disease. However, those findings were reported only in mice, not in people. In addition, to get the same dose of resveratrol used in the mice studies, a person would have to consume 100 to 1,000 bottles of red wine a day.

Watch the top videos on resveratrol:

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Guess I'm going to have to switch from white to red wine. Hmm, maybe I can split the difference and go to zinfandel.


I guess these guys didn't care much about quality of food... you have to care, otherwise you end up like them ;) -> http://www.itssucky.com/food_for_half_price/


There is little nutrition in lettuce leaves, in truth, much as they delight in their taste and texture, but iceberg has less than little. I think it's just a vehicle for the inhaling of Thousand Island/Russian dressing....( Love a good one, on a faux Reuben sandwich.)


After moving to the States years ago it took me ages to get to like- well accept- iceberg salad. To me it tasted of wet newspaper-New York Times in my case.

Actually, still do not use it- there are so many other salads and many red ones too, aside from radiccio.

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