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April 13, 2009



Now that surprises me, Rose--even in Belgium?!
Maybe those bucolic, big table meals occur only in films and commercials these days...OY!

But as I was saying to a friend yesterday, I invite people over for dinner much more in the summer when we can all be outdoors.


"Moonlight" with Cher??? Where the old geezer feeds his dog under the table while the family has a meal?? Ah, I forgot, they were Italians. They had breakfast too- you even saw a close-up of the cute way of serving eggs.

Here in Yurrup you see endless commercials set mainly in France and Italy where there are large tables in gardens and everyone EATS and DRINKS in sunshine.
( Introduction of product ) It usually leaves me in a good mood and whistful.

But you are talking about family meals around the table. Truly a thing of the past for most people.

You should see the single-portion-prepared- meals section in the supermarket.


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